Founded in 2002, SCPM Asia (formerly Prophix Asia) is a leading corporate performance management (CPM)
solution provider in Asia region. We offer a comprehensive range of software products and services in the field of
Corporate Performance Management, including budgeting, forecasting, personnel planning,

The mission of SCPM Professional Services is to maximise client value.
Our proven, systematic, and structured implementation framework is dedicated to meeting your goals and allowing you to realise the maximum return on your investment in our solutions.
Our ultimate goal is to improve organizations by providing business insights and collaboration to all users leading to better, faster, more relevant decisions and involvement.
Our consultants are highly capable and thoroughly experienced in implementing financial applications as well as providing technical expertise and managing project lifecycle.

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We provide professional consulting services across a range of corporate
performance management solutions:
• Budgeting
• Planning
• Reporting & Analysis
• Forecasting
• Financial Consolidation
• HR Analysis & Planning


Education is an integral part of SCPM’s overall
implementation framework. Ensuring superior knowledge transfer to facilitate client ownership over the financial process is paramount to ensuring your long-term success.


The Customer Support team is dedicated to ensuring your ongoing success with our solutions. Our team is made up of trained financial analysts, technical IT people, and experts in the realm of financial systems. The team is equipped to help you resolve anything from simple user enquiries to complicated technical issues.

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Regardless of your organization size, type, or industry, SCPM delivers a compelling suite of
innovative performance management solutions to help improve the necessary business processes
that help manage and measure the performance of your business.
Here is some of our experiences: