A 100% web‐based financial consolidation and reporting solution for groups. Our Consolidation & Reporting solution is the most complete tool in terms of consolidation functionalities. It is the solution for all groups, especially for those with multiple users at different consolidation levels or multiple periodicities: statutory and financial consolidation, management reporting, subgroups consolidation, multiple currencies, multiple accounting standards consolidation, information sharing within the organization. Its internationally approved methodology offers to the consolidators and to the auditors a proven efficiency and an unequalled transparency with a user-friendliness unanimously appreciated.
System Capabilities:
• Currency translation according to different modes
• Intercompany matching in local currency or transaction currency
• Management of group events with automatic generation of adjustments
• Consolidation in account balances and flows in two different processes
• General ledger, drill down analysis, equity analysis, contribution analysis
• per subsidiary, segment, subgroup.
• Multi standard consolidation
• Built-in expert functions
• Audit trail and workflow